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Main Public News Feed

This is where homeowners can share their thoughts and share them with the community. The feed posts are non-emergency messages that have been posted by community resident members, HOA board members, or HOA management. We designed this feature with the Smartphone in mind, making it easy for homeowners to quickly share a post to the community feed.

The community feed is a scrolling news feed that is similar to Facebook, which makes it easy for someone to scroll and see updated

feed posts by fellow neighbors in your community. 

Information shared in this feed is private to only YOUR community members. 

Other homeowners and the Community Manager monitor these messages, and have the ability to flag and delete inappropriate content at any time.

Community Feed Notifications

Community managers and administrators are able to send announcements to this feed so all members of the community can stay up-to-date on important news. 


Private Resident Community Feed

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