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Integration With Your Financial Software

myHOA® integrates seamlessly with your financial accounting software system. We partner with your financial software company to show data for reporting and provide key financial software functionality through our apps and websites. Our system integrates seamlessly to provide your users with a Single Sign On (SSO) experience, handle invoice workflow, options for financial reporting, insurance vendor management and much more.  

Unique Security Feature:


myHOA® is the only platform on the market to offer our uniquely developed Financial Software Data on Demand (FSDoD) data retrieval process.  


FSDoD minimizes the risk of a potential security breach.  FSDoD uses secured hypertext transport (https) to access sensitive and confidential user data on an "as requested" basis.  This "as requested" data access prevents hackers from intercepting more than one user's data at a time.  Only one user may become compromised, rather than your entire company financial data. 


Our competitors synchronize your company financial data on a 24 hour basis with a duplicate copy that resides on their own servers.  This nightly synchronization of all your confidential company and user data can lead to a potentially catastrophic security breach of all your company's sensitive financial data by hackers.   


The myHOA® system never downloads a duplicate copy of your company's confidential financial software data!


The software also includes processes to let HOA board members approve or reject invoices, view compliance letters and review maintenance issues. It lets the property management company collect homeowner’s assessment payments right through the app or the website. It’s done with a few keys on their phone or keyboard. Integration into your system is a 1-2-3 process!


We work with your financial software company to integrate myHOA® software with your financial software for one-touch access. Our technical support team knows many kinds of financial software, and they will set up the right process for your property management company. 

Community managers will be able to use the myHOA® software to set up payment options for homeowners, who will be able to pay assessments either through  the app or the website. Also, homeowners will get access to their payments data history through the app. 

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