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Emergency Notifications

Emergency Notifications – If there’s crime in the area, flooding, electrical outages or weather-related closings, community members should know these immediately.  When the community manager or property management company sends out an emergency notification, the myHOA® user’s phone will receive these emergency notifications, even if their myHOA® app is not in the foreground of their phone. App users can elect to turn off emergency notifications if they choose.

Pre-scheduled Important Alerts – This is our newest feature that allows management to send out important alert Push Notifications. Important Alerts work just like Emergency Notifications, with the exception that they can be pre-scheduled to automatically send a vibration alert to resident mobile devices up to two weeks in advance. 

Standard Notifications – Homeowners with the myHOA® app can check their app to see what’s new in the community. Homeowners will receive news on street repairs, pool cleanings, a new community newsletter and other non-emergency updates. It’s a great way to keep the community collectively informed! 

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